day 2

Hey, dad #hipsterdad  #dadcore
The psycho waiting room plant photos have made a comeback. My therapist is really good at listening but this plant isn’t remarkably healing…
Such a nerd Dingus.

This chick whose been flirty and playing with me proposed a date to go on with me soon. So I assumed from her Facebook posts and photos that she was seeing someone and I got all discouraged for a while. I asked her “haha, but are you in a relationship with someone?”
So she’s like: ” haha, you’re silly I’m poly(amarous), love”
And I be like ” awwww, shit lol free game home run
But then I be like: “awww shit, lol wtf is my life lmfao ayyyy #thiscrayycrayy lyfe #truestory

I danced and served a lot of Tangary and Tonic to a lot of old men last night…they made it rain…go’ sho *cough* its only $17 in singles fanner so I’m still a broke ass bitch #strippermoney
Isn’t everything cuter when it’s mini? #perksofwerk #tabasco #minisized
"There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now."